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Secret Arrangements has been in long development, with so many different dating sites offering different services. We are proud to be different, our main priority is member privacy and control. Each member can control who they connect and share with and here at Secret Arrangements we only grant access to completed profiles. This means no spam and complete control over what information you share and with whom!

When our members invest into our Dating site we want to make sure that the members you’re presented with have completed profiles and images. Secret Arrangements have a team of moderators that check all profiles and images. If you find we have missed a profile please contact us on Support@secretarrangements.co.uk

Mission Statement

Mission, Vision and Values of Secret Arrangements

We are committed to finding a partner no matter what type of relationship you are seeking. Through the strict profile detail requirement and the ability to control who you connect with, we believe that we will be able to provide you with quality matches to bring you a step closer to finding your partner.

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Providing an industry-changing reliable, secure yet fun dating website.


A high-class matching system, with privacy and control being the set standard.


Safety, high-level service and member satisfaction.

Dating Safety

1)  Be honest – Misrepresenting yourself can only aggravate a situation. Keep it real.

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Increase Dating Success

Be Confident

No one likes a person who is cocky but being too reserved can send the wrong message too. Be sure to act confident. While the other person may not think you’re their type, it doesn’t mean that you should take it personally or think you won’t click with the next person. Dating requires selling yourself, which necessitates confidence and a healthy ego. Accept the current state of things and do your best to improve it.

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Introducing our Developers



I manage most of the running of the site with my team of web developers, constantly checking for member privacy and maintaining a high standard enjoyable experience. If you have any questions or site requests then please get in touch.



Social Media/Website Editor

My role is to manage our online presence and customer relations via social media. We use Facebook and Twitter please follow us to keep up to date with any offers, or if you wish to contact me in regards to promoting our brand.

Chris, Robert and Elizabeth

Seo,Web Development and Editor

We take care of all the design and coding associated with our website to make sure you are presented with a fast easy to use experience. If you find any bugs with the site or have any suggestions on how we can improve Secret Arrangements then please email us.




Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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